James K. Economides Orthodontic Collection

This collection was started by a donation of orthodontic records from approximately 5600 patients from a retiring orthodontist in Albuquerque, NM (Dr. James Economides). The purpose of the collection is to provide a case file system of a variety of orthodontic problems along with the associated treatment histories, X-rays, oral images, dental casts, and outcomes, in a population of patients with a broad racial and ethnic background not frequently encountered during orthodontic training.

The physical collection is not available to the general public, however the collection is available to qualified investigators that have research approved by the UNM Human Research Review Committee and approval from the Maxwell Museum. Scholars interested in access to the collection should contact us.

De-identified radio-graphs, inter-oral photographs, and case histories are available for review on the web at https://hsc.unm.edu/programs/ocfs/If you use the collection for treatment, educational, or research purposes, please tell us about your experience.

Click here to watch a video about the Economides Orthodontic Collection.

We have resumed our Body Donation program. Please contact the lab if you have any questions.


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