The Maxwell Museum’s Laboratory of Human Osteology specializes in numerous facets of physical anthropology. The laboratory serves as a repository of human remains, which includes prehistoric, documented and forensic remains.

Research Access

Researchers are welcome to visit the Maxwell Museum's Laboratory of Human Osteology to study our collections.

The Laboratory of Human Osteology also has the following specialized equipment available to researchers studying our skeletal and dental collections:

The request form for access to the collection can be found here.

Donor Information

The Laboratory of Human Osteology at the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology accepts the donation of skeletal remains to our Documented Skeletal Collection to be used in scientific research.

All of the forms required for donation can be found here.

Please visit our Donor FAQ page for information on how to ensure that your legal paperwork for donation is complete, and how to inform your family and friends of your wishes to donate your body.

We have resumed our Body Donation program. Please contact the lab if you have any questions.


Please check here for updates or call 505-277-3535 for more information.

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